Ursula's Fish and Chips is a location on the Isle of the Lost.



The shop is mostly underneath the docks, with a sign bearing the top half of Ursula's head above the doors. It would appear their are lights behind the eyes, as they glow in contrast to the faded paint. To the sides of the entrance are cardboard tentacles, with faded paint.


Immediately when one enters, they is a jar with a sign that says Sword Check In, which is to keep the customers from fighting each other. There are several tables and chairs for the customers to sit at. Directly in front of the doors is a stage, where a waterlogged organ rests.

Next to the organ is a dart board, where a poster of Mal is pinned; Uma throws starfish at it. The chandeliers are made from old steering wheels from boats. To the right is a long table, which Uma's crew is often gathered at; a old television is next to the table.

Further right is a window for customers to restock their meals; above it is several planks of wood that hold the menu. To the left of that window is a door, which leads to the kitchen and possibly the home area.


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  • There are several reminders in the shop.
    • "Employees MUST NOT wash hands.
    • "Exact plunder only."
    • "No fighting. Unless you think you can win."
    • "No dueling."
    • "Complain if you dare."
    • "Tip or else."
    • "The customer is always WRONG"
  • It appears customers can pay by giving ingredients to the staff.
    • When Harry enters the shop, he gives Cook some fish and Uma gives him a meal.
  • The organ suggests that music is sometimes played for the customers.


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